what we do

This summary isn’t a catch-all list.

We won’t ‘turn our hand’ to areas we feel we cannot deliver to the best possible standards.

That’s why you won’t see media relations, event management or fundraising in our toolbox, even though we have delivered successful PR campaigns, organised major events and secured considerable public and private funds in the past.

So we work with other specialists as part of a team where needed, whether we bring them in or our client does.

As important as the mechanics of our work is how we do it. We always aim to bring fresh thinking to the table and a practical creativity to the process.

And we work with clients time and time again because they like us. We’re likeable. More importantly we deliver. We solve problems and offer solutions, and we do it with enthusiasm, openness and a quiet confidence that builds good working relationships from day one.

Our core services include:

  • strategic marketing planning
  • audience development/feasibility studies
  • marketing systems development
  • campaign planning & management
  • market research & evaluation
  • media & creative campaign development
  • marketing & audience development training
  • development support e.g. facilitating & leading workshops
  • public relations planning